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Editing Services

We provide editing services for a wide range of writing types, from academic to legal, from creative to business, identifying the individual purpose and intent behind each project, and sharpening your writing to convey that intent in a concise, appropriate, and effective way.  


Our services include:


  • Academic editing (papers, dissertations, article/book abstracts, course proposals, etc.)

  • Professional editing (business reports, brochures, business communications, resumes, etc.)

  • Creative Writing editing (fiction and non-fiction, poetry, essays, etc.)

  • Website editing (proofreading, design and layout consultation, etc.)

  • ESL editing (for various needs: academic, professional, etc.)


We adapt our editing to your individual needs: we work with you to establish your desired level of editing for any given project before we begin the editing process.  Not all documents require the same level of editing -- you decide what you need, and we will help you achieve it.

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